An acupuncture clinic located in Middleboro, MA, south of Boston, that helps you to decrease pain, reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep and energy and enhance your overall health.

Ready to say good bye to pain and stress for good?

I’ve helped hundreds of patients reclaim their health - the natural way - with acupuncture. Shouldn’t you be next? 


 Are you suffering from pain, anxiety, stress or fatigue?

Do you feel discouraged because your body is not functioning as it once was?
Are you fearful that your current health condition is here to stay?
Are you tired of being given medication that simply masks your symptoms?

What if you could reclaim your health and return to the care-free life you once had
with a natural, relaxing and holistic approach?

You can and I’ll help you get there.

Find out if acupuncture can help you and your specific health condition by taking this 2 minute quiz by Balanced Health Acupuncture.

Unsure if acupuncture
can help you and your specific condition?

Take this 2 minute quiz to get the clarity you need.


What Patients Are Saying


Hi! I’m Leslie Murphy, Lic.Ac.

When I was struggling with chronic pain, acupuncture gave me my life back and it inspired me to bring this healing medicine to others with similar struggles. I can’t wait to help you.


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