Life Lessons Learned from a Broken Wrist

When you have a broken bone, especially a broken wrist, chances are you’re going to need some help. Reflecting on my recovery from a broken wrist, I learned some important life lessons which I share here.

There is never a "good" time to get sick or hurt oneself, and there most definitely is never a good time to break a bone as I can attest. And yet, I've found that it is in these moments, when we are so overcome by a chronic pain or illness, or perhaps a broken bone, that we learn the most about ourselves and grow in unbelievable ways. Reflecting on my recent wrist fracture, a few key aspects of my recovery jumped out at me about how to truly take care of oneself in crisis. If you are struggling through your own physical or emotional health crisis, maybe these can help.

Ask for help

This aspect of self-care can be the toughest which is why it's listed first. Sometimes it is not easy asking for help but when we are recuperating, there are times when it's a must. And people do want to help! There was plenty that I was not able to do on my own with a fractured wrist in my dominant hand, so I did have to rely on others. Is it always easy to ask for help? No. But in the long run, it may be just what we need to get over the next hurdle.

It's OK to say no, or not right now

Life carries on as if nothing has changed regardless of whether we get hurt or sick. But if we are not feeling our best or are limited due to an injury, some things just can't get done "as usual." That's when it is not only OK but necessary to say no, or at the very least, not right now when we are asked to do things we simply can't.

Take time for you and prioritize healing and recovery

Again, life goes on whether we are healthy or not but priorities need and should change when we are not 100%. If you try to ignore or push past an illness or injury, you're only inhibiting your full recovery and prolonging the condition. It's vital to carve out the necessary time you need to heal whether that means prioritizing 8+ hours of sleep a night or making it to your acupuncture sessions!

Embrace the mess

When all was said and done, maintaining a clean house just wasn't in the cards for me with a cast on my right wrist. As much as that drove me crazy at times, I had to just embrace the mess and focus on what truly mattered.

Live in the present

As much as we want our recovery to occur overnight or at the very least speed up already, it does take time. Staying present and focused on the moment, one step at a time, will help you mentally get through your recovery. Forced to do everything with my non-dominant hand, I had no choice but to stay focused on the present to complete a task. After awhile things became a lot easier to where I almost forgot about my limitations with having a cast. Just remember to breathe. Remember this too shall pass. Just be in the moment.

What life lessons have you learned from your own health crisis? Share in the comments below!