An acupuncture clinic located in Middleboro, MA, south of Boston, that helps you to decrease pain, reduce stress and anxiety, improve sleep and energy and enhance your overall health.



Do any of these ring true?

  • You’re feeling overwhelmed and it’s often hard to turn off your thoughts

  • Worry or fear leave you feeling vulnerable and impact your daily choices

  • You want to feel relaxed and more grounded but you just haven’t found what works

  • You’re frazzled and could really use a time out, even a nap!

What if I told you that you can relieve your stress and anxiety, naturally, without medication and its side effects?

Here’s What it Entails:


4 Acupuncture Treatments


4 Weekly Education Emails


1 Stress & Anxiety Acupressure Kit


Why You Should Sign Up

  • You Deserve It! (enough said)

  • Why put off feeling more relaxed, rejuvenated and calm when it’s within your grasp?

  • Set yourself at ease before the holiday season and then just cruise through it with ease!



Hi! I’m Leslie

My passion is to help you feel your best and leave stress and anxiety worries on the treatment table.


 Frequently Asked Questions


+ What if I've never tried acupuncture?

No problem! This program is open to new and existing patients so even if you've never tried acupuncture you are welcome to sign up.

+ When can I schedule my acupuncture appointments?

Acupuncture appointments will be scheduled during my normal business hours (Tuesdays 9:00-3:00, Wednesdays 1:30-8:00, Thursdays 9:00-3:00). When you sign up I encourage you to book all 4 of your appointments at once so that you get the days/times you need.

+ What if I can't make it in 4 weeks in a row?

While it's best to come in consistently for 4 weeks I understand that schedules can get busy. The program runs from October 15-November 27 so you have 7 weeks to schedule your 4 appointments.

+ What is included in the emails?

Starting the week of October 15 you will receive an email each week that will provide helpful tools, techniques and tips for managing stress and anxiety.


 How Do I Sign Up?

Call me to book your treatments and you’re in!