“I remember the first time I came to Leslie for acupuncture, she was so warm and welcoming. She makes you feel very comfortable with the whole idea of acupuncture and can answer any questions you may have. I have been seeing her for a few years now and plan to continue for many more. She is very enthusiastic about what she does, and I always feel like she cares about me! She has helped me with many issues, including night sweats, hormone issues, neck pain and stiffness, back problems, and the list goes on. She is a very sweet person and an important part of my wellness routine! “


“I can not thank you enough for all you have done for me in the past year. When I came to you last year, I had just started taking daily medication for migraines. Looking for another alternative, I’m so glad that I was referred to you for acupuncture. I very seldom get headaches now and can’t remember the last time I had a migraine. Acupuncture has helped me in other ways too. The arthritis in my knees is so much better, less achiness but more importantly no longer limping. Stress tends to make me take shallow breaths and experience shortness of breath. Accupuncture has improved this too. I have recommended you to my friends, doctors and nurses. Thank you so much!”


“I am 47 years old and have been suffering with degenerative disc and joint disease in my neck and low back/hip area for the past few years, after a very traumatic fall resulting in shoulder surgery in 2007. I have not been able to sleep on my right side in over a year due to the pressure and discomfort from the arthritis. I have had a tremendous amount of emotional stress due to family issues. In April of 2011 I had a MVA, resulting in a concussion, leaving me with terrible headaches at least 4 times/week. A friend and co-worker of mine recommended Leslie Murphy, at Balanced Health Acupuncture. Meeting Leslie on 1/13/2012 was such a pleasure. She took an extensive history and really listened to the main concerns of mine to help her better understand exactly how to help. To date, I have had 4 sessions of acupuncture in conjunction with Tong Ren. The night of my first visit, I slept on my right side without any discomfort!! I walked up our stairs at home without pain in my right hip! I cannot say enough positive things about Leslie’s professionalism and knowledge. I feel so grateful to my friend for suggesting her to me and I sincerely thank Leslie for the wonderful work she is doing to help me and so many others.”


“I was looking to make positive changes for myself for the new year. After my very first visit, I noticed changes right away. I felt less pain in my neck, slept much better, and felt much more focused than before. I somehow seem to have an overall sense of control and balance in my life. My family and coworkers have noticed changes in me also in a very short period of time. I feel positive that I will be able to achieve my goals and am thankful that I found Leslie to help me do this! I am recommending Leslie to everyone I know!”

“I had emailed you awhile back about my mother, who has MS and was interested in acupuncture. I just wanted to send you a quick email saying thank you! She has only been to see you once so far, but absolutely loves it! She could not believe how personable and professional you were and how effective the acupuncture was. She said that she literally felt like the pain and bad energy was slowly being lifted out of her. She was so happy with the results and really hopes to continue with it for some time because it may eventually help her get off of some of her MS medications. So again, thank you for working wonders! I can only hope that my mother continues to benefit from the treatments! Thanks so much, J.L.”


“I started acupuncture pretty much as a last hope. I have multiple sclerosis and have extreme fatigue and pain (along with a long list of other symptoms). My daughter did some research, and one place kept coming up, Balanced Health Acupuncture. My daughter was extremely impressed by not only the knowledge of Leslie, but by Leslie herself. My first visit with Leslie was a very comfortable experience. Leslie makes you feel at ease and explains everything in a way that you can understand and relate to. Leslie is very well educated, not just in acupuncture, but in many other areas, nutrition being just one. I was a little unsure, but kept an open mind. After my first treatment, I felt a difference in a way that’s hard to describe. By my third treatment, I felt the best I had felt in over ten years! The atmosphere is very quiet and relaxing, and you look forward to coming for your next treatment. To anyone just thinking about trying acupuncture, whether you are looking for a different way to treat an illness, stress, smoking cessation, headaches or for general relaxation, try it. But, try it with Leslie at Balanced Health Acupuncture. Hey, it’s worth a shot and you just might find yourself finally feeling better, like I do!! “


“Leslie at Balanced Health Acupuncture is wonderful! She has a passion for her work and helping people. I have been going to her for 2 years and she has helped me with many issues. She takes a very thorough intake which helps her to get an overall picture of you and your health. She really listens to what you have to say which help her give you a customized treatment plan for your specific issues. She really cares about her clients and that is so important to me. -Linda”


“I have been seeing Leslie for a little over a year now. I see Leslie for my issues with infertility. Leslie has shown such professionalism while making me feel completely at home during my treatments. I am completely relaxed after having acupuncture and feel like a new person after each session. I have had major improvements in my health since starting with Leslie, including decrease in anxiety, increase in energy, stabilized mood, and restoration of my cycles (amazing!). My doctors are amazed at the improvements in my health this year and I truly have Leslie  to thank for many of these improvements. I highly recommend Leslie to anyone who wants to take back control of their health!”


“I highly recommend that you go “get stuck.” I know that it was only the first session, but I can’t believe how much better my shoulder feels. I’m not ready to go chop wood and I will be back for another session but WOW!!!… At this very moment, the constant, dull ache is gone from my shoulder. I am a happy camper. Thank you for bringing acupuncture to Middleborough! -Janet Parker”


“I have to say thank you to you because after my acupuncture treatments I was able to get back to my normal life. I always say to people that acupuncture got me my life back! Thanks again! -Erica”


“I had problems turning my head to the left at intersections and would have to move in my seat at times to see about oncoming traffic. With my sessions of acupuncture I have much better range of motion with my neck, and it has helped me to the point that I tell people about it. My son started me with this because of the success he had with acupuncture treatments for his back. -Bob”