Passionate is one word that I would use to describe me.

I’m passionate about my work. Passionate about living a healthy lifestyle. Passionate about helping others live healthier, find happiness and become free of pain and suffering. I’m also passionate about freeing people from the BIG 3 as I call them: stress, insomnia and pain. Each of these issues can severely limit our ability to perform the simplest of functions to get through the day. Simply put, it is not easy to juggle all of life’s responsibilities while in pain, burnt out or completely devoid of energy.

Does this ring a bell?

I’ve been there

I have personal experience with each of these BIG 3, which makes me even more determined to help others suffering from these conditions.

PAIN: Chronic pain had me living in fear

Before becoming an acupuncturist I worked a desk job constantly typing on a computer. One winter I began experiencing weakness in my arms and a constant aching pain that became instantly worse with any movements of my hands and wrists. Typing on a computer, holding a phone or lifting groceries were extremely painful but necessities at the time. At its worse, the simplest acts of washing my hair or cutting an onion caused significant pain. Then started the humiliating and frustrating visits to the workers compensation doctors, to the numerous specialists who claimed nothing was wrong OR that I indeed needed surgery without ever giving me a final diagnosis. That’s when the fear set in which was almost as debilitating as the physical pain at times.

It wasn’t until I began a regiment of acupuncture treatments that my pain began to subside and most importantly I felt like my quality of life was returning. Without a doubt, because of my experience, I understand the nature of chronic pain, the limitations it causes, the impact on every aspect of your life, but I also know there is a way to recover—to beat back the pain, to not let it win. I want you to reclaim your life from chronic pain, whether it is musculoskeletal pain, digestive pain, migraine headache pain, menstrual pain, etc. There is a way. I’ll show you how.

SLEEP: Lack of sleep is a form of torture

As a mother of two young children I became quite aware of the effects lack of sleep can have on your body, mind and psyche. When I couldn’t remember the last time that I had slept more than three hours straight (it had been years!) I jokingly said to a fellow mom that I completely understand why lack of sleep is considered a form of torture. You just cannot function the same way that you are used to without sufficient sleep. Period.

Even though I would be exhausted by the end of the day after numerous diaper changes, breastfeeding, cooking, working and more diaper changes, it was so frustrating when I could not fall asleep at night. I would just lie awake until finally I would fall asleep only to wake up again within an hour or two. Insomnia, do you have it? I understand how frustrating it is—the difficulty falling asleep, the waking at night, the dragging feeling the next day because you just don’t have the energy. Let me help you get that full night of sleep that you NEED and deserve.

STRESS: Who doesn’t?

Let’s face it. Stress is going to be a part of our modern lives whether we like it or not. Not all stress is bad of course but when it becomes overwhelming, it can impact us physically as well as emotionally. We can either succumb to it or we can address it before it causes other problems (like insomnia and pain!).

I am a wife, mother of two, a business owner, dog owner, house owner and the list goes on of responsibilities that require my attention, love and support. Is there stress involved with juggling all of those roles, of course, but it doesn’t consume me, nor should it you.


My passion is your gain

I LOVE being an acupuncturist because I get to change people’s lives. It’s a privilege and a passion. I am also a sponge for all things that help me and my family live a healthier life. We eat real food, avoid toxic chemicals in our beauty and cleaning products, exercise our bodies and minds and I pass on all of my tips and tricks to you so be sure to subscribe to my email list below so that you don’t miss a thing!


My credentials
  • Licensed by the Massachusetts Board of Registration in Medicine
  • Nationally certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
  • Master in Acupuncture degree from the New England School of Acupuncture
  • Certified in Tong Ren Therapy by the Oriental Cultural Institute
  • Certified in Auriculotherapy (ear acupuncture) by the Auriculotherapy Institute of California
  • Awarded the Tsay Fellowship in 2009 by the Tsay Foundation of Chinese Medicine. This award is given to an outstanding NESA graduate who is most likely to make a significant contribution to the profession of acupuncture.
  • Contributing writer at Holistic Squid
  • Provided acupuncture services at Lemuel Shattuck Hospital, Dimock Community Health Center, Ocean Spray cooperative headquarters, Wheaton College.
  • Trained with Tom Tam, Mark Mincolla, Paul Pitchford (author of Healing with Whole Foods), Richard Tan
  • Master in Social Work from Boston College
  • Bachelor of Art from Davidson College


Why the stone cairn?

I chose the image of the stone cairn for my logo to reflect the philosophy of my approach to acupuncture and health.  Stone cairns are often found in nature and have been used by people across the centuries to mark specific sites or landmarks along one’s path. It is my goal that Balanced Health Acupuncture be a marked site on each patient’s health journey where you can find healing, hope and comfort. The image of stones of various shapes and sizes stacked on top of each other to form one balanced structure is representative to me of the goal we each have to find balance in our lives. We all juggle responsibilities, ailments, goals and dreams of various weights and sizes, but it’s how we balance them all that we find contentment in life.