Balanced Health Acupuncture

Smoking Cessation & Detox Program

smoking cessationIf you are ready to break the habit and stop smoking or quit another addictive habit, then we are here to help. Balanced Health Acupuncture is now offering a Smoking Cessation & Detox Program which is a 4-week program geared toward helping you break the habit AND deal with the cravings and withdrawl symptoms while making it affordable to you.



auricular acupuntureAuricular acupuncture (ear acupuncture) provides a mechanism for helping people stop smoking or detoxify from drugs or other addictive substances. Following the NADA (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association) protocol, 5 needles are placed in each ear to stimulate points that reduce cravings, assist with withdrawal, detoxify organs and tissues, ease pain and relax the mind and body. These points also help to alleviate stress and improve sleep which can be disrupted due to the withdrawal process.

The NADA protocol has been extensively developed and studied in treating substance abuse in people across the globe. Auricular acupuncture treatment is a cost-effective, stress-free and medication-free method for treating addiction.

For best results with any detoxification program, we recommend completing the program in its entirety while also incorporating lifestyle changes at home. Suggested lifestyle changes will be discussed during the program. To learn more about this program, contact me at 617-794-4835.